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Kitchen Renovations Brisbane

Corella Construction specialise in both building new kitchens and renovating existing kitchens. If you’re searching for kitchen renovations Brisbane companies to build your dream kitchen, you won’t need to search any further.

Why is Corella Different?


Not only do we have extensive experience, as we have built hundreds of kitchens throughout the past 14 years, but they have all been in Queensland homes, just like yours! We know what our clients want, and we guarantee that every Brisbane kitchen renovation idea you could possibility think of will be expertly managed by our experienced builders. We aim to build upon your ideas and recommend what will be most suitable for your home, in order to make the dream kitchen come true.

What to consider?

One thing we focus on is our client’s lifestyle, as each family lives differently and we make sure to plan strategically so all members of the family can enjoy your new kitchen. A typical family spends a lot of their time in the kitchen – from Mum doing the cooking, kids doing their homework on the kitchen bench to having guests over on the weekend for a few glasses of wine.

Our expertise in kitchen renovations Brisbane allows us to take all of these factors into consideration, as we aim to understand how you truly use your kitchen and what designs would be most suitable for you.

What we can build for you is virtually limitless, for example:

  • Basic laminate kitchen bench top renovations
  • Walk in pantry
  • Marble kitchens with built in wine and beer fridge
  • Complete two pack installation
  • Marble splashbacks
  • LED Lights

Are you interested in discussing your kitchen renovation with us? Contact us today to talk about your kitchen dreams and ideas, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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