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Luxury Home Extensions Brisbane

Luxury home extensions Corella Construction

Home extensions cover a variety of builds for a variety of reasons. Sometimes an extension involves adding private spaces – like bedrooms, ensuites, or a home office. Other times it may involve creating extra entertaining and living spaces for the whole family to enjoy.

As an expert home extension builder, we will be able to advise you on the areas of your home for which an extension will provide the most benefit and value.

Why Extend?


Add more space

Adding to your existing structure can give you extra breathing room to complement your developing lifestyle, accommodate more guests for entertaining or create space for new family members


Modernise your house

Extensions can bring an old home into the 21st Century – many old houses simply don’t have the space to accommodate a contemporary lifestyle


Add value

Extending your home will generally add value to your property, meaning it’s an investment you can enjoy.

Extension vs Renovation

Where a renovation is an improvement to the existing configuration of a home, an extension is a completely new addition.

Renovations and extensions often go hand in hand – for example, you may decide to renovate your existing bathrooms and kitchen, and also extend your home by raising it and building a new living space underneath. House extensions in Brisbane often involve this type of build, as many clients are looking to update an old Queenslander-style home.  We are specialists in Queenslander home extensions, you can view our Recent Projects to see a selection of our work.

Home Extensions Specialists

As a leading home extension builder in Brisbane, we pride ourselves on finding the right extension option for your home. Extending your home is a significant investment, and we take this into account when developing your plans, striving to deliver results on time and to the best possible standard.

Need an Extension?

Whether you have a vague vision or a clear image of your ideal house extension, contact us today. We look forward to helping you realise your dream home!

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If you want to find out more about home extensions in Brisbane, contact us today to get started.