Corella Construction are your Experienced Builders in Brisbane

Craig Brown, Owner and Director of Corella Construction is an experienced builder with over 14 years experience, having built homes all over the world. His specialty and experience focuses on Queensland homes, just like yours! His extensive experience in the industry allows him to truly understand your home, lifestyle and budgetary requirements and bring them to life.


As an experienced builder, Craig’s apprenticeship was originally in Australia, and he has mastered his craft whilst working in all types of homes throughout Queensland.

What really sets Craig apart from other experienced builders is the fact that he is truly committed to achieving spectacular results, and won’t stop until his clients are entirely satisfied with their homes. As a construction company owner, he values long-term relationships with his clients, and knows how important it is to spread positive word of mouth recommendations, therefore he assures that each of his clients has the best possible experience with Corella Construction.

As a builder he has performed charity work in South America and worked in the United Kingdom for 2 years. Having renovated countless kitchens, bathrooms, decks and built numerous homes from scratch, you can be assured of quality backed with experience when choosing Corella Construction – one of Brisbane’s most experienced and knowledgable builders!